Summer adventure in Caravela Vera Cruz

Hey everyone, I know I’ve been gone, for 6 months actually. And I almost wanted to finish writing this blog, but some people encouraged me not to give it up yet. So here it is, the biggest adventure of my summer. It even sounds unbelievable, but believe me, it really happened.

You know I already thought I won’t be able to go to a youth project again, because of the adult life and “normal” jobs, but when the job is gone, why not to use the opportunity, right? Exactly when I needed it the most, I got to go to the Erasmus+ training course in Portugal, where I spent the best days of my summer. Learned a lot of new things, met amazing people, made new friends and spent 3 days in an exact replica of the caravels used by the Portuguese in the XV century. I just wished it lasted longer than three days, even though I really enjoyed the training which happened in the hostel on the other days, the sailing experience can’t be simply described. You must be there, feel the atmosphere and the vibe that is going. We do everything together there, and even when you do some work, you do it with pleasure. Watches every 8 hours means you are responsible for something with your group of several people for 4 hours, and for the next 8 hours, you do whatever until your next watch comes, of course, unless some extra hands are necessary for something. Anyway, it’s better to see, than to hear, right? Here are some pictures for you to have a better idea, of what life in a such a boat looks like, also some pictures from the training. And if you ever had doubts, if it’s worth going on projects like this, well I hope your doubts are gone, cause the answer is pretty clear. That’s the best thing that happened to me this summer for sure.

Hostel life with a view

These bottles were filled with love at the end.

Lithuanian girls on board

No words needed, colourful Lisbon and coasts of Portugal

Cute family picture


And sunsets

Right to the top!

And Šarūnė went with her camera, of course, just look at this shot!

Duty is calling

My besties and Dori missing

We had the cutest captain, just look at him!

and the cook! Knows how to dance, smiles all the time, and the food, it was just amazing!

Look at this beauty

Thank you, everyone, for the unforgettable moments

I just thought it’s really worth sharing with you guys since it’s part of my travelling and was definitely an exceptional journey in my life.

If you want to know more about it, here are some useful links of this Erasmus + project, boat organization and organization that made this happen, some of the links are in Portuguese.


Pictures taken by Šarūnė Katinaitė and Joana Ribeiro

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