Gifts for her!

Hey guys,

I know Christmas is coming but I will not repeat that it’s the most wonderful time of the year, it could be if it would not happen in winter. I mean I hate cold and I get extremely lazy about everything. I don’t want to go out or do anything else, just lay in bed and watch movies. However, we do want to treat our beloved ones, and I know that sometimes it can get extremely hard when you are trying to find the right present for persons, that already have everything. We all have someone like that, therefore I decided to show my favourite pieces that I found recently when looking for presents. Even though we have most of these things already, we always need/want some new stuff, especially girls. So here are my top 10 picks of what you can get for her. And keep in mind, you can always make a nice kit from many cute things, and these may take only a part of your beautiful present. It’s always nice when you get something personal or handmade, so I just want to say, that nothing can buy you love or friendship, and the most important thing is to listen and be there. However, if you heard that someone likes, or needs something, it will be extremely nice to get it for Christmas.

1. Scarf:

Very soft, comes in more colours, quite long, looks super nice and fits everywhere.


2. Blanket

You can never have enough of them, especially in winter.

3. Wool slippers

These are just amazing, I have them myself, so I can guarantee, you will love it.


4. Scented candle

How many do you have already? Amm, I lost the number. Do you need one more? Of course.

5. Tights

No need to say that it is the accent of this season. So many different ones, and we definitely need many many of them, as the second pair must be in the bag just in case.

6. Gloves

Not only keeps you warm but looks cool as well.

7. Kimono

When you wanna be pretty at home, after the shower, or when preparing for the party. Must have.

8. Notebook

Even though I prefer a simple notebook, instead of a yearly planner, I thought this one is pretty cool. Maybe it’s because my days are pretty the same, and I remember where I have to go, or I just forget to write my plans down. I always miss something, or skip a month haha.

9. Earrings

Never too much. Never.

10. Socks

Look for something stylish and unique this time. Even if you don’t like it, your fashionista friend will understand, it is a thing this season.


This is it guys, hopefully, these last-minute presents will save you haha, and I hope to find some time to prepare another list, but it is only a week until Christmas, and I might need to help the Santa again.

With love, Viarmo.




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