Winter struggles

When winter lasts too long

You know I wouldn‘t hate winter at all if not this cold weather in my beautiful country Lithuania. Here winter is real. I love that we have different seasons, but personally, for me, winter lasts just too long. I can‘t wait to wear my leather jacket and sneakers again. One day I got tired of all these furry coats, parkas and winter shoes and decided to shoot an outfit in heels. This is what I do when I am bored, organize a short photoshoot with my boy. I won‘t lie, it was so so cold and my feet were freezing, but I like the pictures, though. P.S. I know I need to iron my coat haha, just ignore it.

Only two weeks of winter are left and I can feel the spring coming. Actually, I live from summer to summer and I could skip the rest seasons, or at least winter haha. I just love sunny weather and enjoy every minute of it.  And for now, I can only dream, think and prepare outfits for a better weather. This is a great example of mixing the patterns and different materials. Dashiki pants which are perfect in the summer time, and checkered old school coat. I just love the coat, even though it is a bit loose for me, for one euro I couldn‘t resist. The whole outfit is made from my lucky findings, therefore, this is an inexpensive one. Just check the prices down below.



Coat – fougstedts – 1€ – 3 months, humana, Didžioji g. Vilnius.

Cardigan – bik bok – 1,6€ – 8 months, second-hand store in Kuršėnai.

Shirts – topshop -3€- 6 years, second-hand market in Tauragė

Bag – no brand name is written – 15€- 1 year, flea market in Germany


Dashiki pants – present from my sister

Stilettos – forever 21- 20€- 1 year

Necklace – reserved- 3€- 4 months

Bracelet – lindex- 3€- 5 months


Money is not the most important thing in style for sure.

Think about that and enjoy your week guys.

With love, Viarmo



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