When in doubt – wear red

Hey guys, I guess you didn’t expect me to write another post so soon, but yeah, I think I’m feeling better these days, so I decided I could share one of my favourite outfits this fall with you. I mean the fall which was warm enough to wear dresses with bare legs, but hey, we all know that on some occasions, even the cold weather won’t stop us from looking good, right? Because I’m actually thinking about wearing this dress in December, and I’m not sure how the tights would look, didn’t try yet, but would it be crazy to go without? I know I know, but if I’ll stay inside? Does it change anything? We will see when the time comes, and for now, you can check how I styled it with a leather jacket and ankle socks boots. These are my favourite at the moment, I can’t believe I was doubting so much if I need them, cause I definitely do.

And of course details of my outfit.


Leather jacket- jsfn – 8€ – 2 years, Humana

Bag- no brand – 3€ -1 year – Humana


Dress- Zara- 10€- 5 months, Zara

Shoes – Primark – 25€ – 8 months – UK Primark

Sunglasses – Lindex- 8€ – 8 months – Lindex


With love, Viarmo

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