Pop of colour and sun

Everyone was waiting just too long for sun and real spring here in Lithuania. Snow on the Easter day is becoming normal for the last two years, but for me, it’s so frustrating. I just felt really moody and negative, unmotivated and all these kind of things. All of us have these moments sometimes, right? And when you think about it, there is something special and healing about the sun and good weather. I am so happy being outside, even for a half an hour on my lunch break and I am super happy that after work, I can finally see the daylight, which wasn’t the case for such a long period. Winter could last like a month for me, cold, pretty, but short, would be perfect. And now, when I decided to check what’s in my wardrobe that I wasn’t wearing during the cold season, I noticed that I have kind of cute and bright pieces. You know that feeling when you forgot that you have it and you’re happy again, like getting something new? Thanks to myself who bought these pants like 3 or even 4 years ago in Germany. I found some good deals on H&M and paid only 5€, I remember that day like it was yesterday because I was so happy, I couldn’t believe it was such a good bargain. Anyway, paired with my new dotted mesh socks (my boy didn’t like them at all) that I love was like the right outfit for the first really warm day here. I felt like I did not even needed that jacket, but didn’t want to look that crazy, though I saw many people in shorts. You know that period when you see someone in a winter jacket and someone in summer outfit at the same time, that is how it works on those first days. Anyway, I just love seeing so many people being out, the city is alive.


See you next time guys. Have a wonderful week, I know that it’s Monday, but at least make it a good one.

With love, Viarmo

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