Feels like summer

Hey guys, do you know that feeling when after  7 months of “winter“ you finally see the sun and you can do so many things that even after work you are not tired, but ready to live. This is how I feel now and if you noticed I haven‘t written for two months. I kind of feel bad about that as I really wanted to have my blog. Some things have changed and are going to change, that is why at the moment we are planning a lot, (big things are coming) and we do not have time to take pictures of me as there are more important things than that haha. I just need to find strength and motivation to continue what I have started, and to plan my time for that. But let me show one thing that I was waiting for so long, actually since October. I wanted to have for China, but then I came back to winter and I did not need it till the summer came here.

I have a friend with golden hands, she can do anything with a piece of cloth. I asked for a dress, and after trying to make one we saw that I have too little fabric. That was not a problem for Juodas debeselis. She made it even better, I love the back of the top and that she made this beauty from two pieces. I can wear it together or separately. Didn‘t have a possibility to try it differently. Skirt with a top from the same material is on top this season, and when I know that mine is unique, no one will have the same one, I‘m like walking with my head high, feeling like a princess.

I am sharing just a few shots, it was literally 2 minutes. And if some of you are wondering where did I get this material, let me give you an answer. I found it in humana, for 1,5€. It is a kid bedsheet material from IKEA. And look what I have now. This is just amazing. And I will never stop saying that my friend should sew and use her talent every day, and not only as a side job. I promise I will let you know when she starts doing it full time and now I can simply say I am lucky.

Thank you Juodas debeselis!

With love, Viarmo.

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