Fall pattern of changing colours

Hey guys, how are you? Is the fall mood all around you too? What I do like about it is of course, the colours, that green turning into yellow and leaves falling down. The other thing is that I can wear all of my coats. I am a fan of coats. The most difficult part is when you think of an outfit and have to make a decision which one to wear. Too thin, too thick, too short, too long, the colour or the pattern doesn‘t fit,  and then you think I need a new one, you know what I mean. I was struggling this time, because no coat actually looked good with these pants. So I thought I will put this jacket on and won’t freeze, because I was going to be inside most of the time.

Actually, I went to a book sale and found three interesting books for very low prices. Going to read about fashion now. Even though I am not of a brand person, I want to know what is so important about it and why people care about it so much. On the other hand, it is a huge business area where people can create.

Anyway, I always say that wearing black is the easiest thing ever because you cannot look bad in black. Black lovers, please don’t hate me. It is a safe choice. I am not saying that black is boring but personally I prefer having colours in my closet same as in my life. Black is always going to be black, I mean it’s classic that never dies. I like this colour, I wear it but as you see, I like to blend some other colours in my outfit. Fall season has a pattern of changing colours, and the pattern of my jacket fits the mood. Colours are so natural and earthy, I just love it.

My newest purchase is this lovely, handmade choker with lily, which is a scout symbol by the way. I accidently found it on the handmade accessories and souvenirs shop in Laisvės Alėja Street. I highly recommend that place if you are looking for unique pieces. I even got this choker done personally for me, because the only one they had was too wide for my neck. So they measured my neck and after a week I got it. Couldn’t be happier, now that I found the best chocker I could imagine, it became my favourite accessory. And what about my hair? This is what happens when I don’t have enough time to let them dry and go out. Still wet and messy with my natural curls.

Jacket and pants – Zara. But I bought them in second hand store and vinted market. You can read more about my cute bag here if you haven’t yet.

See you soon.


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