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Hey, my loves, thank you for still being here with me, and even though I have abandoned my blog, it is my little diary that I will be reading later. We all have our ups and downs, and despite that, I can say that I am truly happy with who I am and where I am. I do have dreams that will become true one day, I mean I hope so, and for that, I have to work harder and keep doing what I like. The only problem that I face is time planning. I am so bad at it because I always go for something fun instead of being at home, reading or writing, improving myself. And when it comes to blogging, I need to promise someone that I will do this or that to make it actually happen. I have to promise my girls, that I will definitely write one this week, and unfortunately, this can turn into a month. But oh well, shit happens.

I am here with good news though, something that will encourage me to do more, to write more, and express my other side. I have become a part of Maja Desire brand, and I am so excited to tell, that you will be able to find me in their website, in the blog section, sometimes even in styling category. I am extremely happy about it, it will make me work a bit more and take care of my blog too. Also, it is something about lingerie that makes every woman feel confident and beautiful. And if you are not feeling confident in your own skin, let’s make that change together.

The online shop and blog will launch really soon, so if you don’t want to miss it, start following Maja Desire on Facebook and Instagram now. Maybe it is something you were always looking for but couldn’t find the whole time. And you know that feeling when you like not only the brand and the products, but the creator itself? I mean that is unbeatable. Such a nice and warm person who thinks about every customer and is more than happy creating something unique and different every time, Her head is full of ideas, her hands do magic, and I am really thrilled to be part of it and help this brand grow. P.S. if you feel like you want to be our model, don’t be so shy, contact Maja Desire, we are constantly looking for new faces and new body shapes. Yes, that’s right, all body shapes, and this is what makes Maja Desire really special, we do believe that every girl/woman is beautiful.

You might think it is easy to say, but hard to believe. And I agree, actually, it might take a lot of time to believe in yourself, to love yourself and not to be ashamed of how you look, or who you are. And only those who find the courage to believe can later talk about it. I mean I have never felt beautiful, however, it did not stop me from what I am doing now. I only felt beautiful in the eyes of my man, and he made me feel so good that I started feeling this way more and more often. Those who know this feeling will understand me. And I don’t know what is the formula for it, but sometimes we need that other person to support us. Also, seeing so many different faces and successful people made me realize that you can come from nowhere and reach the highest goals. This is what motivates me from time to time. Sometimes it’s hard to explain to others what I want to do, or what message I want to say, but step by step I will get better at this, and then I will say it out loud. For now, I am thankful for my boy, husband now, who supports me and is my perfect insta hubby. He is still the one who sees it all, and makes me feel special. Not only the best photos, but my best moments are because of him.

I think I really said a lot this time, but it feels so good to open up. Thank you for reading it, and if you have any thoughts, feel free to message me.

For the end, here are some pictures of my cozy weekend and home. When it’s -20 outside, but so warm at home that you just wanna stay cozy.

See you soon guys, I am back on track.

With love, viarmo

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