City style

Hey, as I promised this is the second part of Berlin post. In case you missed the first one, you can find it here. I wanted to separate pictures of myself, because otherwise you couldn’t find an end in the previous one. I do have quite nice pictures and I must say thank you Sofie for being my photographer for a day. So leather jacket and short sleeve coat was my everyday choice, because it was too cold to go with only one of them. I had limited choices as well as limited space in my hand luggage. Even though I had different outfits, you cannot see them because Sofie didn’t have a big mirror haha. Apparently, it is the only thing missing in her amazing apartment.


One word that can define the whole mood in Berlin is freedom. Freedom to wear whatever, freedom to do whatever, to drink alcohol in public, to play techno music in tram stations, to tell your opinion out loud, even though you interrupted others intimate conversation by commenting it haha. But who actually cares? I mean it feels amazing when you just don’t care about others. Honestly, I felt too formal in these streets and now I already have some outfits in my minds that are completely different from the ones I actually wear. I hope I will try something interesting soon. Life is too short for boring clothes right?

The backpack. I know, it’s very nice but unfortunately, it’s not mine. Sofie has an amazing wardrobe. I would probably wear every single thing that she owns. When I mentioned that I want to find a leather backpack she showed me hers. I liked the backpack immediately and realised that I really need one. I knew I could find something nice in Berlin, that’s why I didn’t take any small bag. However, I didn’t find a perfect one for myself, so hopefully, I will find one in China.

Visited the memorial where you can easily get lost, literally.

Get lost sometimes and wander at least in your minds and appreciate what you have.

With love, Viarmo


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