Boring explanations

Hey guys. It‘s been a really long time since I wrote something and I know that we can all think dozens of reasons for the things we haven‘t done. As it is not interesting to read those explanations, I am just going to say: Technical problems, new Job, new routine, new plans, less time.  At first, there was no time, and now I have to deal with less time. Better that no time though. I just have to get used to that.

Everyone is like yay, spring is here! Not at all. It‘s freaking cold. Have you seen the snow on the Easter holiday? It‘s true, felt like Christmas, I mean winter is beautiful, but not now. And I am not going to wear winter shoes again. I am glad that the days are getting longer and lighter, but the real spring is somewhere still on the way here. I am looking forward to warm and sunny days, but for now, coats when you need to be out for a longer time, and a leather jacket when you stay at work for the whole day. No time to get cold, but the view outside the window is still most of the time depressing. Actually, I do not have so many negative feelings at the moment, but the sun has an amazing effect. You see people smiling without any reason, but wait, the sun is already a good reason to smile.

This time I am sharing my Saturday details. I was dreaming about a weekend like that for a long time. This time we did not have almost any plans for others, so we did a lot at home. You know everyone must find time to tidy up the mess there as well. And these days I even have to plan this, busy life what can I say. And when I am in a clean apartment, it makes me happy. Only the wardrobe is still waiting for its turn. One day.

Breakfast in my favourite place in town. Actually, I found it and fell in love when I wrote my bachelor thesis. Don‘t even want to remember these days, but talutti was always saving my life. When I used to get depressed I said let‘s go there, and immediately, my mood used to get better. Food is life, everyone knows it, haha. And especially if you are in a lovely place like this. These days we go there very rarely, as we are in a saving mood. But going there after a long time, made me even happier. Every bite tasted heavenly.

To end up I wanna say, treat yourself right, even though you are saving for something. You know what you love, so don‘t think too much.

And of course details of my outfit.



Coat- Stradivarius- 4,5€ 3 years,

Sweater- New.look.knitwear- 2€ 8months, market in Kėdainiai

Jeans- Sisters, found in my closet recently

Bag- no brand- Can’t remember



Shoes- Zara- 10€-1year, Zara

Necklace- a gift, handmade by a friend


With love, Viarmo



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