Benefits of buying second-hand

Hey, guys, how are you doing? Have you started living all your new year resolutions already or still living in last year memories like me? Today I am going to share you my ideas about second-hand things, this time it’s all about clothes. Here you will see several important reasons, why it is good to buy second-hand stuff. Finding cheap things in second-hand stores is my thing. I am actually thrilled to see what’s there, what’s new, because when I find the right one I am very happy.

Much more affordable

So, first of all, it’s way cheaper, and even though I don’t wear many of them most of the time, I don’t feel guilty for spending much money, I can create many different outfits or afterward I can sell them anytime. Moreover, you can experiment with many different styles, try things you normally wouldn’t try by spending way less money and you just don’t feel guilty if it was a bad choice.  I save money and if I am walking in a shop where they sell brand new things I am always looking for a discount as well because I know that normally they are overpriced and it’s not worth the full cost. So I combine old and new and feel happy finding best offers.

Thrill of the hunt

There is a strange phenomenon as well, when you are looking for a specific thing, you won’t find it. But if you went only to look around and didn’t expect to find anything specific, boooom, you found this and that. This happens to me all the time. And yes, it happens that I buy things I don’t need, but most of the time I still find the way to wear it. Of course, I always have things that I need in my head and they are my priority, but if I found another nice sweater for 50 cents I am definitely going to take it. Whereas if I find a new sweater in a shopping centre and it costs 30 euro, I will think no way, I have enough of them and I can do better. I can definitely have at least 3 or 4 instead of this one. So you never know what are you going to find this time. And it’s only your decision if you need this or not.

Saves environment

Buying secondhand clothing means you are going to reuse somebody else’s piece of clothing that may be in a perfectly good state. So why not? Selling your clothes or giving them away is saving our environment too. If it doesn’t fit you anymore, doesn’t mean it won’t fit someone else. Our economy is built of overconsumption and I don’t even want to mention people who work really hard for very little money in poor countries. I guess everyone knows the situation but decides to ignore it.

Uniqueness and different brand names

I just can’t stand the style and prices in our markets where they sell Chinese stuff, I hope you know what I mean. It’s just not for me. Or even some shops that are considered as affordable, I go there and I see that the quality is too poor for that price. But buying things in second-hand stores allows me to have many different brands in my closet even though I wouldn’t have a possibility to shop in some of their stores. And if you are a fashionista, you will definitely find things that no one else has. You can say that you can hardly find new tendencies there, but think about classic or basics. You will definitely find these for less. Moreover, we all know that fashion repeats itself and items that have been old-fashioned for decades are suddenly back in stores.

It doesn’t mean you cannot afford things

I think many people are still ashamed of buying things in second-hand because it seems that you cannot afford new things. Especially you feel it as a teenager. I know it, but at this moment, even though I could buy more expensive things, I feel that I don’t need and I don’t want to. It’s my choice, but if you still think it’s a bad idea, here are all the advantages that I’ve discussed before. It’s green and saves the environment. It’s more affordable and full of different brand names. It’s not difficult to find good quality stuff. And most importantly, it reduces overconsumption. Just think of how many things we have already and how much it all cost. The problem is that we don’t stop buying, but at least we can give a second life for those older things.

I got many compliments about this outfit, so I’ll just show how many items are from second-hand.



Coat- Clockhouse- 7€ 1 year, second-hand store in my hometown Tauragė

Dress- Unique 21- 9€ 1 month, Flamė (Vilniaus g.)

Shoes- Desborough shoes- 17€ 3 years,

Scarf- 2,8€ 3 months, Humana

Gloves- 1€ 1 year, flea market in Germany


Pants- Bershka 10€ 2 years, Bershka

Bag- Atmosphere 5€ 2 years, Primark

Ability to find unique things just makes me happy and ready for a hunt haha. I just love finding things that I like for a little price. I am dreaming already about my own place, which will be built little by little, with simple, but unique things. And believe me, second-hand doesn’t look cheaper or worse than new.

P.S. sorry for not having appropriate pictures for this post, but I will prepare you a post with items under 5 euro with many pictures next time. Your attitude to 5 euro may change haha.

See you soon guys and enjoy your moments.

With love, Viarmo.


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