Having a huge wish to look as good as rich girls, I found out that I don‘t even have to be rich. It took some time to realize that because as a teenager I thought that money was a crucial thing. Now I can say, that my richness is in my ability to find nice things for less and believe me, I love it. I love thrift stores, flea markets and vintage stores. That is the reason why you are not going to find the exact same things that I have because all might have been bought in different places. Actually, I see it as an advantage, because who wants to look the same as the other? I can bet I would find amazing things in your closet, so have a better look at what you have already and if you need an inspiration, here I am. I am not an expert, and I am not saying that I am doing everything right, I am just sharing my thoughts and outfits with you. It is my journey and if you want, join me.


With love,


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